MY Protected Mask

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MY Protected Mask is MY Mask with the addition of a special moisture repelling coating that adds another level of droplet protection.

Watch how MY Protected Mask guards against droplets

MY Protected Mask was designed to give you the ultimate protection by contouring the middle of the face on the bridge of the nose, but sitting away from the center of the lips to provide more comfort for speaking.

The mask has two straps that go behind the head for a more secure fit and there is a metal strip sewn inside the mask to allow you to contour the mask to your nose. The longer strap goes around the head and the shorter strap around the base of the head which ensures that your mask stays on and doesn't pull and strain your ears. When you want to pull the mask off your face, but will need to pull it right back up, just pull it down around the neck like a necklace. This way, there's no chance of you losing your mask. 

If you wish to have your mask with the ear straps instead, just simply add a comment in the notes section during checkout and we will happily make that change for you.

The adult standard size measures 13” at the top and 10” at the bottom.