FAshion Show Tickets

The Premier Group of the Event. 


Are you ready for an experience of a lifetime? We all can agree, we're ready for something special after not being able to attend events for such a long time. 

Borris Powell's next show will celebrate 10 years as a full time Solo FAshion Designer/Artist. Showcasing his work as it correlates to his own personal journey. Get ready to travel in time as we pay homage to each and everything that his created the Artist as we know him today. A celebration not to be missed. 

How will the show work? 

*Everyone attending must follow the current guidelines provided by the CDC in regards to Covid-19. We are keeping in close contact with the City of Chicago to ensure that we are 100% in compliance to ensure all of our safety. Any individual(s) not upholding the rules will be asked to leave the event. By their own accord. Weeks before the show date, updates will be on our site explaining Masks regulations. This will be inline with whatever the CDC is requiring at that time. 

*Everyone attending is required to have a good time. 

1. There will only be 100 tickets at the Premier ticket level. No additional tickets will be added. We encourage you to get your ticket right away. They always go faster than expected. 

2. All attending the show will enter the viewing area by groups. Group (A) will be the first group to be allowed to enter. Group (B) being the second group and so on. The sooner you purchase your ticket, the better chance you have of picking your preferred seat(s).

3. Groups (A and B) only, will receive a complimentary beverage during our pre-cocktail area. As well as during a Private viewing of part of the rehearsal, moments before the show begins. Only groups (A and B) will be invited over to watch this rehearsal. (A and B) ticket holders will also receive a complimentary Borris Powell gift bag with a $75 gift certificate to Borris Powell, plus other goodies. 

4. Please be very mindful of your neighbors. We are hopeful that most will be vaccinated by the time of the show, but still respect the space of others.

5. There will be plenty of space at the event ensuring that all are comfortable.