Through His Eyes

My design philosophy and my life philosophy are interconnected through the simple vision of living for the moment. Just like the Men 
and Women I design for, I live for today. I live for the moment.


I dream about tomorrow's possibilities but I never lose sight of the excitement of every second of today. Incredible beauty exists in the world if you just pay attention, even when you're on the go. That's my goal and how I live my life.


The world is my muse and my creativity is inspired by all of the beauty that exists within it. We may never understand how the world works, and even if we see the world through a Black, White or Grey lens, I strive to be connected to each one, redefining my perspective as I redefine and make progress toward my FAshion vision. Because that's when I'm most happy...designing garments, spending time with loved ones, traveling, entertaining and most of all, being beautiful in the moment. 
FAshion love,